Endoscopic Urethral Injections

Incontinence in female dogs - the uncontrolled losing of urine or "trickling"- can place a large strain on the human-dog relationship. Affected dogs are no longer able to consciously control their urination due to a problem with the urethral sphincter. They "trickle", which means that, often only in their sleep, they uncontrollably lose urine drop by drop.

Dribbling occurs more frequently in elderly female patients. Often it's a result, albeit rare, of spaying. There are now several medications on the market, with which incontinence can be treated.

An alternative to medication, which is also used in human medicine, is the urethral injection. In the method, which we use in our veterinary clinic, a hydrogel is used to bolster the urethral wall and is injected where the urethra meets the bladder. This leads to an improved closure and thus a reduction in the loss of urine.

The brief procedure is performed endoscopically under sedation. The dog can return home again shortly after the procedure. The procedure is immediately effective.

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