• TTA Cruciate Ligament

    Biomechanically, dogs and humans are not comparable.
    In contrast to humans, torn cruciate ligaments
    in dogs display characteristic symptoms.

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  • Endoscopic

    Operative techniques with considerably less pain for the patient.
    We also carry out "gentle spaying".

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  • Cardiology/

    Heart diseases occur frequently in both dogs and cats,
    and it is not only the older patients that are affected,
    but also genetically predisposed breeds.

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  • Computer Tomography

    Computer tomography is a modern imaging technique that is invaluable
    in diagnostics and therapy, e.g. in cases of herniated disc,
    elbow dysplasia or when looking for metastases in the lungs.

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Welcome to the Tierklinik Elversberg

The Tierklinik Elversberg is an accident and emergency practice - available around the clock and offering a wide range of services to care for your pets.

Naturally we also perform routine examinations and take care of your pet and their general well-being.

In our clinic, you can expect a friendly, professional and animal loving team.

And in case you do not live close by, there is ample parking space to enable you to arrive stress-free.

The Team

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The Clinic

The Tierklinik Elversberg is an accident and emergency practice- available around the clock



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