Our veterinary clinic has a large, central pre-operative room with inhalation anaesthesia, two operating tables for abdominal surgeries (soft tissue surgeries) and an operating room for orthopaedic procedures. A further operation space is equipped with an endoscopy tower especially designed for minimally invasive surgeries and an appropriately tiltable operating table.

The anaesthesia is usually performed with inhalation anaesthesia (anaesthetic gas). During the operation, the CO2 content of exhaled air (capnography), blood oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry), as well as breathing and heart rate are measured. For certain operations, the patient can be mechanically ventilated.

We carry out numerous abdominal and thoracic procedures and are also specialised in orthopaedics, tumour surgeries and reconstructive / plastic surgeries. Neurosurgical procedures on the spine also part of our range of services.

  • endoscopic surgery
  • orthopaedics
  • TTA cruciate ligament
  • Minimally invasive spaying

Specialist Contact Person

Dr. med. vet.
Alexander Pack

Dr. med. vet.
Karl Scherer

Dr. med. vet.
Alexandru Riscou

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